About Us

The KFCE is a not for profit community company established Nov 2007 by community residents of Kangaroo Flat and Districts to provide community input into initiatives, programs and facilities. The KFCE board members are volunteers who oversee the governance of the KFCE, set its strategic direction and develop partnerships with key agencies and community groups to progress the KFCE objectives.

The KFCE operates through the relationships developed with its major business partners: Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Telco. By promoting the use of these and other business partners for the services they provide the KFCE receives a commission from the business that is “tagged” by the customer as being part of the KFCE initiative. It is these commissions that are then distributed by the KFCE to community projects and initiatives.

By allowing local people to deliver funds within their own community this ensures that KFCE’s support is going to the right places at the right time.