Bendigo Special Development School

Literacy COME TO LIFE!

Bendigo Special Development School provides education programs for school aged students with a moderate to severe intellectual disability who reside in the Bendigo Region, extending to Kyneton, Wedderburn, Castlemaine, Maldon and Heathcote.

Curriculum is delivered through a wide range of resource with stimulating and well equipped classrooms. Specialised curriculum addresses physical, sensory, social, emotional, behavioural and intellectual needs of all students. It was in this vein that the Bendigo Special Development School approached the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise to assist in providing funding for specialised learning tools.

A focus group of teachers and Education Support Staff have researched, planned and developed literacy supports that meaningfully and systematically integrates reading, writing, speaking and augmentative communication for students with complex needs. The literacy packs are designed to enhance stories/literacy and encourage students to create their own stories in their own way utilizing 3D characters. Like Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise, Bendigo Special Development School goes beyond the confines of Kangaroo Flat and work towards a brighter future for all.

Thanks to the support of KFCE Literacy packs were made including Lunch at the Zoo.