Lockwood Fire Brigade

With 55 members providing fire and emergency cover to approximately 1,200 landowners it is no exaggeration to say that they Lockwood Fire Brigade (L.F.B) is an essential community asset. With enormous drive and enthusiasm the L.F.B has initiated a number of projects to improve the efficiency and safety of the emergency response service.

One of these initiatives is reducing L.F.B’S environmental impact. In 2011 the L.F.B was approved as a trial site for the installation of a 1.5 kw solar panel array. To take advantage of this opportunity the L.F.B partnered with the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise (K.F.C.E). One of the key advantages lies in the fact that most fire stations are unmanned during the day so that their electricity usage is usually low therefore excess solar power developed can be exported to the grid. The Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise were keen to get involved in such a great community initiative that has wider environmental benefits.

Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise and the Lockwood Fire Brigade a great partnership!