Maiden Gully Primary School

Our school was delighted to receive a Defib Unit from Alan Besley representing the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise.

The defibrillator has been provided through the many pledges that the school collected from parents who have agreed to link their Bendigo Bank accounts to the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise.

Whilst it is hoped that we will never need to use this device, we are extremely pleased to have a Defib unit at our school and located within the Maiden Gully Community.

This unit will most likely be installed in the foyer of our gymnasium and will be readily available to all users of this facility.

A Defib is used to treat life threatening conditions and involves the delivery of an electronic shock to the heart which causes the heart muscles to re establish normal electrical impulse.

We are truly grateful to the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise for this vital life saving equipment.