Marong Preschool

Leading the way for Our future

Thanks to the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise the Marong preschool is leading the way for its students in the technological age. As part of the students learning, the Marong preschool has received a state of the art interactive screen thanks to the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise.

Developed by you touch tecnologies the interactive screen looks like any new high definition television, but as Justin Day of InteractUs demonstrated to the very eager students at Marong Pre School, it’s that and so much more. As kinder teacher Karen Craig says, “This type of technology caters for all our kids, allowing them to learn in different ways and encouraging them to embrace technology and ensure that they aren’t behind when they step up into the school system”.

With software programs across a variety of streams from those that assist children whose writing skills are not as development as some, learn the basics, while the same program can help those children who can write their name continue to improve to others that help children with reading, the interactive screen is suitable for a variety of uses.

Marong Preschool and the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise, leading the way for Our future.