Supporting Our Community

The Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise gives all of us the power to make a good idea happen, to direct money to projects and activities that we choose and we need, and to provide support and facilities for our young people, our families or the elderly.

Most of all the Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise means important decisions remain in our own hands. We decide where our money is spent in Kangaroo Flat and surrounding Districts – and when. Whether it’s a building for all our community, scholarships for young people, sporting facilities, or individual projects for community health and wellbeing – Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise lets us make these projects a reality. It’s all about working together. And it’s as easy as doing your banking and using the phone.

It’s as easy as doing your banking and using the phone.

For Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise to achieve all it can, we need to work together. It’s not difficult and you don’t need to donate time or money (but we encourage you to if you can).

Quite simply, Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise is as easy as doing your banking and using the phone.

1. Do your banking with Bendigo Bank.

By doing something as simple as our day-to-day banking we can generate money for Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise – and the more business we do with the Bendigo Bank, the more money we’ll receive – and there’s NO catch. To have our Bendigo Bank accounts tagged, or join the Bendigo Bank, call the Kangaroo Flat branch on (03) 5447 9244.

2. Get connected with Bendigo Telco®.

The same applies when we move our home or business phone, our mobile or Internet service to Bendigo Telco®. In fact, if just 500 of us switched our phone service today, Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise would earn as much as $1,500 per month – every month – while you enjoy their competitive rates and great service. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell your workmates. Let’s build the Kangaroo Flat community, now. To tag your Bendigo Telco services, call Bendigo Telco on 1300 228 123.

3. Continue using your accounts and service from both providers as normal.

Both Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Telco have committed to giving a percentage of their profit margins on our nominated accounts and services to the community at no cost to the customer.

Remember every pledge, no matter how small, will make a difference, including yours… Make your pledge today.